DOWNLOAD Yamaha RS Vector Repair Manual 2005-2010

Yamaha RS Vector Repair Manual 2005-2010 Download PDF Manual

If you own a RS Vector snowmobile, performing regular maintenance and repair can be one of the most fulfilling – if not enjoyable – activities when the right tools are available. One most important tool you need for this task is a RS Vector Repair Manual.

A Yamaha RS Vector snowmobile repair manual is an instruction book that aids in keeping a snowmobile in good condition. Each manual is unique from one manufacturer to the other and covers specific models.

There are four different types of repair manuals:

1.  Factory service manual

2. Repair manual    

3. Owner’s workshop manual

4.  Owner’s manual

You can get these instruction manuals on a downloadable PDF format. Now, let us elaborate further on those kinds of manuals.

RS Vector Service Manual

1. Factory Service Manuals (FSM)

These are handbooks that give servicing, repair and maintenance details of products of individual snowmobile manufacturers.

Initially, these direction guides were not accessible to the public but only the approved shop mechanics and other dealership technicians got the copies. The reason is that the repairman is best fit to fix the products of a particular manufacturer.

A Factory Service Manual designed for snowmobile repair usually covers the following areas:

  • General information about the snowmobile
  • Maintenance and tune-up
  • Motor/ Engine system
  • Body and steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Fuel system 
  • Electrical and troubleshooting

2. Repair Manuals

Most people usually categorize repair manuals as non-original after-market manuals. They are more specific than Factory Service Manuals.

These are how-to materials designed for professional repair mechanics as well as any avid Do-It-Yourself backyard mechanics. This is because they provide simple repair instructions that enable the user to efficiently service and repair their snowmobile.

Some additional details these manuals cover are:

  • Machine upgrade specifications
  • Disassembly and re-assembly of the snowmobile
  • Advanced troubleshooting procedures
  • Colored wiring diagrams

3. Owner’s Workshop Manual    

Such kinds of manuals are also referred to as shop manuals. A pair of approved head mechanics are usually the authors of most of these guidebooks. For the do-it-yourself enthusiast who may have no professional tools and a garage mechanics, workshop manuals come in handy.

The manuals focus on repair and maintenance of the snowmobiles, especially the disassembling and assembling back according to the stated factory specifications.

Workshop manuals basically cover:

  • Most repair, maintenance, and service aspects
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Actual strip-down diagrams, photographs, and illustrations

Workshop manuals enable users with the limited mechanical knowledge to diagnose and fix their snowmobile before getting additional support.

4. Owner’s Manual

As its name suggests, it is a user instructional manual or guide. When you purchase a snowmobile, this instructional booklet usually comes along. The main areas detailed are:

  • Schedule and a regular maintenance description
  • Location of all controls
  • Specifications like fluid capacities, fuel type, and replacement circuits

Repair manual: Why is a repair manual important?

Any of the discussed snowmobile repair manuals is beneficial to a user as it shows how to repair and maintain a snowmobile – thereby enabling the appliance user to get the most out of it.

The repair manual should motivate you to do most of the repairs yourself.  These manuals feature well illustrated basic to more complex tasks with photos and texts from the beginning to the end.

Without these detailed instructional books, most snowmobiles cannot be worked on properly. So, get the right manual and extend the life of your snowmobile!


    • That’s a 2005 model? Anyway there a downloadable manuals for all RS Vector snowmobiles, including the following…

      – 2005 RS90K RS Vector 
      – 2005 RS90MK RS Vector Mountain 
      – 2005 RS90RK RS Vector ER 
      – 2005 RSG90K RS Rage 
      – 2006 RS90RL Vector ER 
      – 2006 RSG90L Rage repair manual
      – 2006 RS90GTL Vector GT 
      – 2006 RS90MSL Vector Mountain SE 
      – 2007 RS90MSW Vector Mountain SE 
      – 2007 RS90GTW Vector GT 
      – 2007 RS90MW Vector Mountain 
      – 2007 RS90RW Vector ER 
      – 2007 RSG90W Rage service manual
      – 2008 RS90GTAXW RS Vector GT 40TH Anniversary 
      – 2008 RS90GTXL RS Vector GT 
      – 2008 RS90LTGTXL RS Vector LTX GT 
      – 2008 RS90LTXB RS Vector LTX 
      – 2008 RS90RXB RS Vector workshop manual
      – 2009 RS90GTYB RS Vector GT 
      – 2009 RS90LTGTYB RS Vector LTX GT 
      – 2009 RS90LTYW RS Vector LTX 
      – 2009 RS90RYW RS Vector digital handbook
      – 2010 RS Vector GT RS90LTGTZL / RS90GTZR / RS90LTGTZW 
      – 2010 RS Vector LTX GT RS90LTGTZL / RS90LTGTZR / RS90LTGTZW 
      – 2010 RS Vector GT RST90GTZB / RST90GTZR
      – Yamaha RS900 900

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