A snowmobile repair manual, also termed factory service manual or workshop manual, is a book of instructions for learning how to fix or mend a motor vehicle with caterpillar tracks in the rear and runners in the front. Snowmobile instruction books are available for immediate download or can be ordered online in paperback form.

There are different kinds of repair manuals e.g. factory service manual, owner’s workshop manual and repair manual. This article discusses the differences and the similar characteristics between all three so you can determine which manual best suits your repair needs.

Factory Service Manual

Factory service manuals (FSM) are handbooks published by snowmobile manufactures which detail the repair, maintenance and servicing of their products. These instruction guides were not originally offered to the public as they were distributed to the dealership technicians and authorized shop mechanics so that the repairman were able to fix their own products.

There are a few after-market manuals available and most of them refer to the FSM for topics such as part numbers, dimensions, torque specifications and step-by-step repair procedures.

For snowmobile vehicles, the following content are usually covered in factory service manuals: general information, maintenance and tune-up, engine, fuel system, body and steering, suspension, brakes and final drive, electrical and troubleshooting. Snowmobile factory service manuals cover every aspect of repair.

Repair Manuals

Repair manuals are categorized as an aftermarket or non-original aftermarket manuals. These how-to books are written specifically for the do-it-yourself backyard mechanics as well as professional repair technicians or person with a background in mechanical theory.

Repair manuals are more specific or detailed than factory service manuals, whereas factory service manual assume the reader has a strong background in mechanics. Repair manuals provide easy-to-follow repair instructions that permit the user to efficiently service and repair the snowmobile. 

Snowmobile repair manuals cover every aspect of repair, from basic maintenance to complete overhaul of the machine. They cover complete disassembly and reassembly of the snowmobile. It also covers other details, such as advanced troubleshooting procedures, specifications and colored wiring diagrams.

Owner’s Workshop Manual

Owner’s workshop manuals are a series of practical manuals aimed at do-it-yourself enthusiast who lack professional garage mechanics or tools. Workshop manuals, also termed shop manuals, lack the depth of coverage concerning repair problems.

Snowmobile workshop manuals mainly focus on maintenance and repair. The manuals are based upon disassembling the snowmobile and putting it back together based on factory specifications. In other words, it’s based on a complete strip down and rebuild.

Snowmobile workshop manuals cover every aspect of service, repair and maintenance. Each section in the guidebook has step-by-step instructions with illustrations, diagrams and photographs of an actual strip-down or rebuild to the machine. Workshop manual are written by a pair of certified master mechanics and authors.

Workshop manuals are user friendly, especially for those with limited mechanical experience. The manuals provide inexperienced users the amity to fix their vehicle, to their ability, or at least the ability to diagnose the snowmobile before needing to take it to a garage.

Owner’s Manual

An owner’s manual, also termed a user guide or instruction manual, is an instructional booklet that is typically supplied with the purchase of a snowmobile. Information contained in a snowmobile owner’s manual generally includes:

  • Safety instructions
  • Assembly instructions
  • Installation instructions
  • Setup instructions
  • Operating instructions
  • Programming instructions
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Service locations
  • Snowmobile technical specifications
  • Regulatory code compliance information
  • Warranty information

All snowmobiles come with an owner’s manual from the manufacture. These manuals are intended to cover three main areas: a schedule and description of regular maintenance require by the owner or by a mechanic; a description of the location and the operation of all controls; and specifications such as fuel and oil type, fluid capacities, part numbers and replacement bulbs or fuses.

Factory repair manuals can be downloaded instantly for Polaris industries, which is an American manufacture of snowmobiles. Factory repair manuals can be downloaded instantly for Yamaha, which is a Japanese manufacture of snowmobiles. Factory repair manuals can be downloaded for Arctic Cat, which is a North American manufacture of snowmobiles.

All downloadable repair manuals are in PDF (portable document format) and delivered in PDF format. There is no special software needed to download and view a repair manual. Once the manual has been downloaded, it can be saved to your desktop or downloads folder permanently.

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