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A Yamaha FX Nytro snowmobile repair manual refers to a book with a set of repair instructions on how to perform repairs or services to snow-machine. Yamaha FX Nytro repair manual is also referred to as a factory service manual or a workshop manual.


The instructions contained in the Yamaha FX Nytro manual can be used for learning and maintenance purposes. The manual also acts as an important aid in the fixing of any problems that may affect the snow machine. Each manual tends to be unique to the manufacturer and usually includes models for a given range of years. It is also worth noting that a snowmobile repair manual may comprise of more than one model for a particular manufacturer. The repair manual is usually purchased as a hard copy or downloaded as an electronic pdf document particularly for the newest snowmobile models.

Yamaha FX Nytro Repair Manual PDF Online Manual

The Yamaha FX Nytro manual is arranged in a logical order, with the table of content that highlights the various sections of the manual. The manual begins with the general information concerning the snowmobile such as the engine serial number (ESN) and how to locate the vehicle identification number (VIN). Moreover, this section highlights the specifications for the oil and gas along with the ratio of gas to oil to be used. The general information section also contains warning icons or lights and their meaning and diagnostic codes chart which helps in identifying problems. other subsections contained in repair manual include explanations on each part of the snowmobile including the fuel pump, brake system, battery, cooling system, exhaust system, and the drive as well as the driven clutches. Each of these subsections provides illustrations with a complete set of equipment and tools required to work on the snow-machine along with safety information.

How a repair manual can be helpful to the user

The Yamaha FX Nytro repair manual provides step-by-step illustrated guidelines to the user on how to perform different repairs. Some of these repairs include how to align the tracks, how to rebuild the carburetor, replacement of the brake pads chain-case, water pump belt and drive as well as driven clutches. Such illustrations make it easy for the user to understand and perform repair with ease. It also provides guidelines to the users on how to rebuild the engine, install the transmission, and how to remove and replace gas and coolant tanks. 

The manual also provides guidelines on how to perform regular maintenance which begins by highlighting a period maintenance specification. The repair manual also cautions the user on which repairs should be done by expert mechanics. Some of the regular tasks covered for effective maintenance of a snow-machine include replacement of the clutch, replacement of the fuel filter, replacement of the air filters, and checking or replacing the battery when the need arises. Following these regular maintenance guidelines helps the user to prolong the life of the machine. By performing repairs and maintenance following these instructions contained in the manual, a snowmobile owner can significantly save on the repair bills.


    • There are digital pdf manuals for 06 thru 10 models. The manuals are excellent and cover every aspect of maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. And include all specifications and more.

      – 2006 RS90NL Nytro 
      – 2006 RS90NRL Nytro ER 
      – 2007 RS90NW Nytro 
      – 2007 RS90NRW Nytro ER
      – 2008 FX10MTRAXW FX Nytro MTX 40TH Anniversary 
      – 2008 FX10MTRXL FX Nytro MTX 
      – 2008 FX10MTXL FX Nytro MTX 
      – 2008 FX10RTRAXW FX Nytro RTX 40TH Anniversary 
      – 2008 FX10RTRXL FX Nytro RTX 
      – 2008 FX10RTXL FX Nytro RTX 
      – 2008 FX10XL FX Nytro Repair Manual
      – 2008 FX10XW FX Nytro Service Manual
      – 2009 FX10MTRYL FX Nytro MTX Handbook
      – 2009 FX10MTRYW FX Nytro MTX 
      – 2009 FX10RTRSYL FX Nytro RTX SE 
      – 2009 FX10RTRYB FX Nytro RTX 
      – 2009 FX10RTRYL FX Nytro RTX Workshop Manual
      – 2009 FX10XTYL FX Nytro XTX 
      – 2009 FX10XTYW FX Nytro XTX 
      – 2009 FX10YL FX Nytro Shop Manual
      – 2009 FX10YW FX Nytro 
      – 2010 FX Nytro FX10ZB / FX10ZW 
      – 2010 FX Nytro MTX, MTX SE 153, MTX SE 162 FX10M53SZL / FX10M53ZW 
      – 2010 FX Nytro MTX, MTX SE 153, MTX SE 162 FX10M62SZB / FX10M62SZL 
      – 2010 FX Nytro RTX, RTX SE FX10RTRSZL / FX10RTRZB / FX10RTRZO 
      – 2010 FX Nytro XTX FX10XTZB / FX10XTZW 

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