DOWNLOAD Yamaha Exciter 570 Repair Manual 1987-1993

Yamaha Exciter 570 Service Manual PDF Download

Let’s first start with what exactly a Yamaha Exciter 570 repair manual is. A Yamaha Exciter repair manual, as its name suggests, is a manual that can be used in troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairing of the Exciter 570 snow-machine. Similarly, a snowmobile repair manual is a manual specifically designed for snowmobile troubleshooting and/or repairing.

When it comes to snowmobile repair manuals, every snowmobile product comes with its own repair manual. This is because every snowmobile model is different with slightly different troubleshooting procedures. You can usually get a repair manual from your manufacturer but you can also get the manual from a third party publisher as well. The most common way of getting a repair manual is to download it from a third party website.

Yamaha Exciter Shop Manual 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993

Yamaha Exciter 570 Repair Manual: Format

A typical Yamaha Exciter snowmobile repair manual will start with a table of contents. Usually, the repair manual will start with a General Information chapter. You’ll find all the specifications and detailed information about the snowmobile model in this chapter. This chapter will be followed by several other chapters which will target specific parts of your snowmobile. You’ll generally find whole chapters on the following:

  • Engine (or Engine related items).
  • Electronic/electrical systems.
  • Fuel systems.
  • Brakes and Drive systems.
  • Steering and suspension.
  • Tracks.
  • Body.
  • Troubleshooting.

You might have some additional chapters depending on your model and manufacturer but this is the general format of a snowmobile repair manual. Every chapter will focus on either one or two systems of your snowmobile. Each chapter will have sub-section devoted to a specific part of the system. Each and every detail will be mentioned in these parts along with the steps for troubleshooting and/or repairing the system. Pictures and illustrations will also be included for explanation and guidance purposes.

Repair Manual: What’s in it for you?

A good repair manual will have detailed step-by-step instructions along with proper illustrations to help guide you through the repairing/troubleshooting process. So, if you have a bit of technical knowledge and you have the right tools, you can easily perform all the maintenance and troubleshooting tasks with the help of a repair manual. In fact, you’ll be able to follow the instructions even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. You’ll not only be able to do basic troubleshooting but you’ll also be able to completely disassemble and reassemble the snowmobile very easily. Also, a well written snowmobile repair manual will provide you with a detailed maintenance checklist as well. These periodic maintenance checklists will include tasks such as oil checking, greasing, checking of brakes and/or coolant, etc. Performing these maintenance tasks will be a lot easier with a repair manual and it will have a significant impact on the lifespan of your snowmobile.

How to get a Yamaha Exciter Repair Manual

Repair manuals are usually available in the PDF formats and you won’t need any special software to use them. You can just download them from a website and read them like you would read any other book. You’ll find plenty of free repair manuals but we will recommend getting it from a highly reputable publisher, even if you have to pay for it. Most of the free repair manuals will be useless or outdated. But if you do find a good repair manual for free then that’s even better. Another thing worth mentioning is to keep your repair manuals up-to-date. Majority of the repair manuals are produced annually to cover any changes in the model. So, keep an eye on a newer version of the repair manual especially if you have the latest version of a snowmobile model.


So, having a snowmobile repair manual at your disposal is of great value. Not only will you save a lot of time but you’ll also save a lot of money. And, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot and fix issues of your snowmobile as well. This is a very valuable skill which might help you earn a few bucks in the long run as well.


    • There are downloadable manuals for all Exciter models:

      1987 Exciter EX570L 
      1988 Exciter Deluxe (Electric Start) EX570EM 
      1988 Exciter EX570M 
      1989 Exciter Deluxe (Electric Start) EX570EN 
      1989 Exciter EX570N 
      1990 Exciter LE (Electric Start) High Altitude EX570EHP 
      1990 Exciter LE (Electric Start) EX570EP 
      1990 Exciter High Altitude EX570HP 
      1990 Exciter EX570P 
      1991 Exciter II LE (Electric Start) EX570ER 
      1991 Exciter II EX570R 
      1992 Exciter II LE EX570ES 
      1992 Exciter II EX570S 
      1993 Exciter II LE (Electric Start) EX570ET 
      1993 Exciter II ST EX570STT 
      1993 Exciter II SX EX570SXT 
      1993 Exciter II EX 570T 

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