2003 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Running Too Rich

2003 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Running Too Rich

2003 Arctic Cat snowmobile running too rich refers to when the snow-machine’s internal combustion engine contains a high proportion of fuel or too much fuel supply for it to run properly. This article discusses troubleshooting procedures to correct a rich operating condition.

Carburetor Too Rich

Download 2003 arctic cat snowmobile repair manual

Check for one or more of the following possible malfunctions to fix a rich fuel mixture condition.

  1. Choke plunger will not seat. When a choke plunger will not seat either it needs adjustment, service, a new plunger assembly or the choke cable needs to be replaced.
  2. Pilot air screw (VM-style) too far in. To remedy this, adjust the pilot air screw to factory specifications. Download the repair manual for adjustment procedures.
  3. Fuel mixture screw (TM-style) too far out. Adjust the fuel mixture screw to factory specifications. Refer to the repair manual for step-by-step adjustment procedures.
  4. Float/inlet needle obstructed, damaged or adjusted improperly. To fix this, remove obstruction, check the float, adjust the float tab or replace the inlet needle.
  5. Pilot jet loose. Tighten pilot jet.
  6. Needle Jet or jet needle worn or adjusted incorrectly. Inspect needle jet and replace if worn. Adjust jet needle e-clip to factory specs.
  7. Pilot air passage obstructed or damaged. Check for obstructions and remove as necessary. Inspect for damaged passage and replace carburetor if needed. Replace pilot air screw if damaged.
  8. Main jet loose or too large. Tighten main air jet and replace if needed.
  9. Primary air passage obstructed. Remove blockage from primary air passage.

Refer to the downloadable repair manual when tuning your snowmobile’s carburetor. It will assist you in selecting the major tuning components of the VM-style and TM-style carburetors. It will list needle jets, pilot jets, jet needles and throttle/piston valves on charts according to their sizes. As well as show you how to rebuild the carb.


    • The information applies to all carburetor 2003 Arctic Cat models:

      2003 Arctic Cat Firecat 500
      2003 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat 570
      2003 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat 900
      2003 Arctic Cat Mountain Cat 900 1M
      2003 Arctic Cat Pantera 550
      2003 Arctic Cat Panther 370 R
      2003 Arctic Cat Pantera 570 ESR
      2003 Arctic Cat Z 370
      2003 Arctic Cat Z 370 ES (Z370)
      2003 Arctic Cat Z 440 ESR (Z440)
      2003 Arctic Cat Z 570
      2003 Arctic Cat Z 570 ESR (Z570)
      2003 Arctic Cat ZL 550 (ZL550)
      2003 Arctic Cat ZL 550 ESR
      2003 Arctic Cat ZR 120 (ZR120)
      2003 Arctic Cat ZR 900 (ZR900)
      2003 Arctic Cat ZR 900 Sno Pro

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