DOWNLOAD Polaris Snowmobile Repair Manual 1985-2016

Polaris Snowmobile Repair Guide, Service Manual, Workshop Manual pdf

A downloadable Polaris snowmobile repair manual is a digitally delivered book of instructions that details the process of fixing or mending a motor vehicle with caterpillar tracks on the rear and steerable skis on the front.

These handbooks are in PDF (portable document format) and electronically delivered via Internet. A download Polaris snowmobile repair manual can be transmitted to a computer, tablet or smart phone in seconds. And their visual appearance is identical to that of a repair manual you’d obtain in a store. 

DOWNLOAD Polaris Snowmobile Repair Manual 1985-2016

Polaris snowmobile repair manuals, also referred to as an online factory service manual or workshop manual, cover every aspect of maintenance, repair and overhaul of the entire snow-mobile. Here’s a small list of chapters and subchapters typically found in a Polaris snowmobile manual (topics my vary depending on year and model):

General Information

  • Snowmobile Model Specifications
  • Snowmobile Number Designations
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Publication Part Numbers
  • Engine Data Formulas
  • Torque Conversion
  • General Reference
  • Service Precautions


  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Maintenance Products
  • Troubleshooting
  • Engine Oils And Lubricants
  • Belt Deflection Inspection
  • Deflection Adjustment
  • Engine Isolator Limiter Setting
  • Drive / Driven Clutches
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Exhaust Valve Cleaning
  • Surge Tank
  • Recommended Coolant
  • Cooling System Bleeding
  • Oil Pump Adjustment
  • Oil Pump Bleeding
  • Fuel / Intake System
  • Fuel Sediment Trap
  • Fuel Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Fuel Tank Vent System
  • Air Intake Box / Pre-Filters
  • Chassis Lubrication
  • Rear Suspension
  • Driveshaft Bearing
  • Throttle Cable
  • Choke And Choke Cable
  • Chain Case Oil Level Check
  • Brake System Maintenance
  • Throttle And Choke Cable Adjustments
  • Throttle Lever Free Play
  • Choke Adjustment
  • Steering / Suspension Maintenance
  • Handlebars
  • Rider Select Steering U-Joint
  • Ski / Ski Skag Fasteners
  • Track Tension
  • Track Alignment
  • Electrical Systems
  • Off-Season Storage

Final Drive And Brakes

  • Gear Ration Speed Charts
  • Drive Gears And Chains
  • Chaincase
  • Drive Train
  • Brake System
  • Brake Disc Replacement
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Caliper Assembly
  • Caliper Replacement
  • Brake Light Switch Replacement
  • Caliper Removal
  • Rake Line Replacement
  • Master Cylinder / Lever Service
  • Brake Fluid Replacement & Bleeding

Steering And Suspension

  • Overview / Specifications
  • Front Suspension Assembly Illustrations
  • Adjustment Procedures
  • Disassembly And Assembly
  • Rear Suspension Assembly Illustrations
  • Rear Suspension Operation
  • Rear Suspension Adjustments
  • Rail Sliders
  • Rear Suspension Remval And Installation


  • Special Tools
  • Valve Shims
  • Specifications
  • Optional Shock Settings
  • Shock Removal
  • Shock Assembly / Disassembly
  • Shock Maintenance


  • Chassis Components
  • Seat Assemblies
  • Decals
  • Hood Assemblies
  • Hood Plastic Repair
  • Front Bumper Assembly
  • Console Assembly
  • Fenders And Side Panels
  • Removable Seat Assembly
  • Seat Cover Replacement

Wiring Diagrams

  • Battery And Electrical System Diagrams
  • Starter Motor Diagrams
  • Flex Drive Assembly Diagrams
  • Wire Harness Diagrams

Fuel Systems

  • Service Warnings And Precautions
  • Carburetor Fuel Systems
  • Electronic Fuel Injection Systems (EFI)
  • Mikuni Carburetors
  • Fuel Pump
  • Carburetor Service
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Carburetor Adjustment
  • Cleanfire Fuel Injection
  • Diagnostic Trouble codes
  • Chassis Relay
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor
  • Throttle / Ignition Kill System
  • Temperature / Air Pressure Sensor
  • Exhaust Valve Solenoid
  • Regulator / Rectifier
  • Chassis Power Capacitor
  • Knock Sensor
  • Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Fuel Rail Bleeding / Pressure Testing
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Tank Pressure Test
    Digital Wrench Diagnostic Software

Engine And Cooling Systems

  • Engine Specifications
  • Engine Rebuild / Overhaul
  • Engine Part Repair
  • Fastener Torque Guide
  • Engine Service Specifications
  • Component Torque Sequences
  • Engine Inspections
  • Cylinder Head Inspection
  • Cylinder Measurement
  • Crankshaft Runout Inspecdtion
  • Piston Inspection
  • Piston Ring Installed Gap
  • Reed Valve Inspection
  • Bearing Fit
  • Main Bearing
  • Connecting Rod Lower Bearing
  • Piston Needle Bearing
  • Crankshaft Index
  • Checking Crankshaft Index
  • Cylinder Honing
  • Honing Procedure
  • Cleaning The Cylinder After Honing
  • Crankshaft Turning
  • Engine Overhaul
  • Recoil Assembly
  • Exhaust Valve Maintenance
  • Exhaust Valve Disassembly / Assembly
  • Optional Exhaust Valve Springs
  • Engine Mounting Systems
  • Engine Component Assemblies
  • Cooling Systems
  • Exhaust Systems

PVT System

  • PVT System
  • General Information
  • PVT System Adjustments
  • Drive Clutch
  • Driven Clutch

Electrical Systems

  • Specifications
  • Spark Plugs
  • Charging System
  • Ignition Timing
  • Conventional Battery
  • Battery Preparation
  • Battery Testing
  • Testing Procedures
  • Open Circuit Voltage Test
  • Load Test
  • Specific Gravity Test
  • Timing Procedures
  • Timing Procedures Carbureted Engines
  • Timing Procedures EFI Engines
  • Timing Procedures CFI Engines
  • Ignition Timing Chart
  • Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
  • TPS Test Tool Setup
  • TPS Adjustment
  • TPS Idle Speed Adjustment
  • Throttle Plate Synchronization
  • Electric Start
  • System Schematics
  • Starter Motor
  • Flex Drive Assembly
  • Startor Specifications
  • Ignition Coil Packs
  • Exhaust Valve Solenoid
  • Knock Sensor
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Oil Level Sender
  • Detonation Control (DET)
  • Variable Exhaust System (VES)
  • Diagnostic Plugs
  • Electronic Reverse

Every Polaris snowmobile service manual is model and year specific. These are the only repair manuals you should be using to service, maintain or repair your snow vehicle. The manuals were primarily developed for certified Polaris master service dealer technicians, but can be used by backyard mechanics.

Some of the repair procedures outlined in these Polaris snowmobile repair manuals require sound knowledge of mechanical theory. If you do not possess this knowledge, we recommend a certified repairman to fix the snowmobile. Moreover, some repair procedures require special tools and those tools should be obtained before starting the work.

These Polaris snowmobile repair manuals contain a wealth of pictures, diagrams, schematics and illustrations to guide the mechanic though the repair process. They also contain easy-to-understand, step-by-step repair procedures. That includes part removal, part disassembly, part cleaning, part assembly and part installation.


  1. I need to know how to tune up a 1997 Polaris snowmobile wide track 500. Does the repair manual cover this information? Also, do you have a repair manual for a 1991 Polaris Indy Trail? I need to know the carb settings.

    • Yes the manual covers this information. And yes there is a manual for the 1991 Polaris Indy Trail. Here is a small list of repair manuals available for download. It applies to 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 models. We also have repair manuals for most Polaris snowmobile manufacture between 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 and 2016.

      Polaris 120 PRO X
      Polaris 120 XC SP
      Polaris 120 Youth
      Polaris 340
      Polaris 340 Classic
      Polaris 340 LX
      Polaris 340 Touring
      Polaris 340 Transport
      Polaris 400
      Polaris 440
      Polaris 440 Edge Pro X
      Polaris 440 Indy
      Polaris 440 Indy SKS
      Polaris 440 PRO XR
      Polaris 440 SKS
      Polaris 440 XCF SP
      Polaris 440 XCR
      Polaris 440 XCR SP
      Polaris 500
      Polaris 500 Classic
      Polaris 500 EFI
      Polaris 500 EFI PT
      Polaris 500 EFI SKS
      Polaris 500 Indy
      Polaris 500 SKS
      Polaris 500 SKS EFI
      Polaris 500 SP
      Polaris 500 SP EFI
      Polaris 500 WideTrak LX
      Polaris 500 XC SP Edge
      Polaris 500 XP SP
      Polaris 550 Classic
      Polaris 550 LX
      Polaris 550 PRO X
      Polaris 550 Super Sport
      Polaris 550 Trail RMK
      Polaris 550 Trail Touring Deluxe
      Polaris 600
      Polaris 600 Classic
      Polaris 600 Dragon IQ
      Polaris 600 Edge Pro X
      Polaris 600 Edge Touring
      Polaris 600 Fusion Dragon
      Polaris 600 HO Fusion F/O
      Polaris 600 HO Fusion Lux F/O
      Polaris 600 HO IQ
      Polaris 600 HO IQ CFI
      Polaris 600 HO IQ CleanFire
      Polaris 600 HO IQ LX CFI
      Polaris 600 HO IQ LX CleanFire
      Polaris 600 HO IQ TOURING CFI
      Polaris 600 HO IQ Touring CleanFire
      Polaris 600 HO RMK
      Polaris 600 HO RMK 144
      Polaris 600 HO RMK 144/155 (F/O)
      Polaris 600 HO Rolling Chassis
      Polaris 600 HO SwitchBack
      Polaris 600 HO SwitchBack CleanFire
      Polaris 600 HO Switchback
      Polaris 600 HO Switchback CFI
      Polaris 600 IQ LX
      Polaris 600 IQ TOURING
      Polaris 600 LE
      Polaris 600 PRO X, X2
      Polaris 600 RMK
      Polaris 600 RMK 144 / 600 RMK SHIFT 155
      Polaris 600 RMK 155
      Polaris 600 SE
      Polaris 600 Switchback
      Polaris 600 Switchback / 600 Dragon Switchback
      Polaris 600 XCR
      Polaris 650
      Polaris 650 RXL
      Polaris 650 RXL SKS
      Polaris 650 SKS
      Polaris 700 Classic
      Polaris 700 Dragon
      Polaris 700 Dragon RMK
      Polaris 700 Fusion Lux F/O
      Polaris 700 HO IQ Dragon
      Polaris 700 HO RMK Dragon
      Polaris 700 IQ / 700 Dragon IQ
      Polaris 700 PRO X, X2
      Polaris 700 RMK
      Polaris 700 RMK 144
      Polaris 700 RMK 151
      Polaris 700 RMK 155 / 700 Dragon RMK 155 / 163
      Polaris 700 RMK 159
      Polaris 700 Switchback / 700 Dragon Switchback
      Polaris 700 Touring
      Polaris 700 Touring Euro
      Polaris 800 Dragon RMK 155 / 163
      Polaris 800 PRO X, X2, XR
      Polaris 800 RMK
      Polaris 800 Switch Back
      Polaris 900 Fusion
      Polaris 900 HO Switchback
      Polaris 900 RMK
      Polaris 900 RMK 151
      Polaris 900 RMK 159
      Polaris 900 RMK 166
      Polaris Classic
      Polaris Classic Touring
      Polaris FS Classic
      Polaris FS IQ Touring
      Polaris FS Touring
      Polaris FST Classic
      Polaris FST IQ Cruiser
      Polaris FST IQ LX
      Polaris FST IQ Switchback – IQ Turbo Dragon
      Polaris FST IQ Touring
      Polaris FST Switchback – FST IQ
      Polaris FST Touring
      Polaris IQ Cruiser
      Polaris IQ SHIFT
      Polaris IQ Touring
      Polaris IQ Turbo LX
      Polaris Indy 340 Touring
      Polaris Indy 400
      Polaris Indy 400 Classic
      Polaris Indy 400 SKS
      Polaris Indy 440 LC
      Polaris Indy 440 XCR
      Polaris Indy 500
      Polaris Indy 500 Classic
      Polaris Indy 500 EFI
      Polaris Indy 500 RMK
      Polaris Indy 500 SKS
      Polaris Indy 500 SKS (Euro)
      Polaris Indy 500 SP
      Polaris Indy 500 XC
      Polaris Indy 500 XC Edge
      Polaris Indy 500 XC SP
      Polaris Indy 500 XC SP Edge
      Polaris Indy 600
      Polaris Indy 600 Edge X
      Polaris Indy 600 RMK
      Polaris Indy 600 Touring
      Polaris Indy 600 Triumph
      Polaris Indy 600 XC
      Polaris Indy 600 XC DLX
      Polaris Indy 600 XC SP
      Polaris Indy 600 XC SP Edge
      Polaris Indy 600 XCR
      Polaris Indy 600 XCR SE
      Polaris Indy 600 XCR SP
      Polaris Indy 650
      Polaris Indy 650 SKS
      Polaris Indy 700 RMK
      Polaris Indy 700 SKS
      Polaris Indy 700 XC
      Polaris Indy 700 XC SP Edge
      Polaris Indy 700 XCR
      Polaris Indy 800 RMK
      Polaris Indy 800 RMK S.C. Special
      Polaris Indy 800 XC SP Edge
      Polaris Indy 800 XCR
      Polaris Indy Classic
      Polaris Indy Classic Touring
      Polaris Indy Deluxe
      Polaris Indy ES
      Polaris Indy Lite
      Polaris Indy Lite Deluxe
      Polaris Indy Lite GT
      Polaris Indy Lite Touring
      Polaris Indy RXL
      Polaris Indy SKS
      Polaris Indy SP
      Polaris Indy Sport
      Polaris Indy Sport GT
      Polaris Indy Sport Touring
      Polaris Indy StarLite
      Polaris Indy StarLite GT
      Polaris Indy Storm
      Polaris Indy Storm RMK
      Polaris Indy Storm SE
      Polaris Indy Storm SKS
      Polaris Indy Super Sport
      Polaris Indy Trail
      Polaris Indy Trail Deluxe
      Polaris Indy Trail ES
      Polaris Indy Trail RMK
      Polaris Indy Trail SKS
      Polaris Indy Trail SuperTrak
      Polaris Indy Trail Touring
      Polaris Indy TranSport
      Polaris Indy Ultra
      Polaris Indy Ultra RMK
      Polaris Indy Ultra SKS
      Polaris Indy Ultra SP
      Polaris Indy Ultra SPX
      Polaris Indy Ultra SPX SE
      Polaris Indy Ultra Touring
      Polaris Indy Wide Trak GT
      Polaris Indy Wide Trak LX
      Polaris Indy WideTrak LX
      Polaris Indy Widetrak LX
      Polaris Indy XC
      Polaris Indy XCF
      Polaris Indy XLT
      Polaris Indy XLT Classic
      Polaris Indy XLT LTD
      Polaris Indy XLT LTD SP
      Polaris Indy XLT RMK
      Polaris Indy XLT SKS
      Polaris Indy XLT SP
      Polaris Indy XLT Touring
      Polaris LTR
      Polaris Long Track
      Polaris Long Track Reverse
      Polaris Pro X 440
      Polaris Pro X 600
      Polaris Pro X 700
      Polaris Pro X 800
      Polaris RMK Trail
      Polaris RMK Trail Euro
      Polaris RXL
      Polaris RXL SKS
      Polaris RXL Touring
      Polaris Rush Pro-Ride
      Polaris SS
      Polaris Sport
      Polaris Sport 440
      Polaris Sport GT
      Polaris Sport SKS
      Polaris Sport Touring
      Polaris Sprint
      Polaris Sprint ES
      Polaris Star
      Polaris Star Lite
      Polaris Star Lite GT
      Polaris Star Trak
      Polaris StarLite
      Polaris Storm
      Polaris Storm PT
      Polaris Storm SKS
      Polaris Super Sport
      Polaris SuperTrak
      Polaris Supersport / 550 LX
      Polaris Supersport Edge
      Polaris Supersport M-10
      Polaris Trail
      Polaris Trail Deluxe
      Polaris Trail RMK
      Polaris Trail Touring
      Polaris Trail Touring Deluxe
      Polaris Turbo Switchback
      Polaris WideTrack
      Polaris WideTrak
      Polaris WideTrak GT
      Polaris WideTrak LX
      Polaris XLT
      Polaris XLT PT
      Polaris XLT SKS
      Polaris XLT SP
      Polaris XLT Special XTRA
      Polaris XLT Touring
      Polaris 340
      Polaris 340 dlx
      Polaris 340 touring
      Polaris 440 xcr
      Polaris 500
      Polaris 500 classic
      Polaris 500 rmk
      Polaris 500 xc
      Polaris 500 xc sp
      Polaris 600 rmk
      Polaris 600 xc
      Polaris 600 xc sp
      Polaris 700 rmk
      Polaris 700 sks
      Polaris 700 xc
      Polaris 700 xc sp
      Polaris 700 xcr
      Polaris 800 xcr
      Polaris classic touring
      Polaris sport
      Polaris sport touring
      Polaris super sport
      Polaris trail
      Polaris trail rmk
      Polaris trail touring
      Polaris transport
      Polaris wide trak lx
      Polaris xcf
      Polaris xlt classic
      Polaris xlt special
      Polaris xlt touring

    • You’ll need to download the repair manual for that information, it’s all listed in the manual. It includes illustrations to guide you.

  2. How to adjust a polaris carburetor how to adjust brakes on a indy lite how to adjust carb on 1998 indy xlt how to adjust carb on polaris 2002 snowmobile how to adjust cards on a 2001 polaris rmk 700 how to assemble a head light on a 1992 polaris snowmobile how to take apart gas tank on a polaris 120 xcr how to change a belt on a 2000 polaris 600 touring snowmobile how to change a belt on a polaris snowmobile 550 2005 how to change a strut on a 2008 polaris wide track how to change an oil injector on a polaris snow machine how to change gears and chains on a 98 yamaha vmax 700 triple with revice how to change idle speed on 1991 phazer 2 how to change idler wheels on a 2006 rs venture yamaha snowmobile how to change rear shock suspension polaris iq 600 touring how to change oil on iq plaris 700 wide track how to change the dash lights on a polaris xc 500 snowmobile how to clean and adjust the carburetor on a 2000 polaris 550 snowmobile how to change the thermostat on a 2003 polaris pro x how to clean carbs on 2000 polaris rmk how to clean carbs on a polaris 550 trail touring how to clean carburetors on 650 ultra spx Polaris snowmobile how to clean keihin carb on 2000 polaris rmk how to clean the carburetor on a 1999 polaris indy trail how to drain the chain case oil for a 2005 550 polaris snowmobile how to fix 1996 340 carbuertor indy polaris 1997 polaris indy ultra spx 700 running to rich how to lean it out how to fix choke on polaris 600 switchback how to install a 1994 polaris indy 340 lite deluxe carburetor fuel lines how to install reverse gear in a 2003 550 trail touring polaris skidoo how to install throttle cable on a 1990 polaris indy 500 how to rebuild a 2014 polaris rmk 800 engine manuals how to rebuild a fuel pump on a 1992 indy 650 triple how to rebuild a mikuni carb on a polaris xcr 600 how to rebuild a snowmobile caburator how to remove a fuel pump from a 1989 polaris indy trail how to remove and install the water pump shaft in a polaris 500 liberty engine how to remove carb on 96 polaris 500 sled how to remove carburetor on 1996 indy 500 2002 polaris indy 500 how to adjust choke.

  3. New manuals added:
    2003, 3004, 2005 Polaris Trail Sport 340 Edge, 440 Pro-X fan, SuperSport, 500 Indy. 2004, 2005 Polaris Trail Touring, Sport Touring 340, Trail Touring 550 Deluxe, 600 Edge Touring, 600 / 800 Classic Touring. 2005, 2006 2007 2008, 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013, 2014 2015 Polaris IQ 440 thru 800. 2015 2016 2017 Polaris Rush Pro-s, pro-x 600, 800 Switchback, indy voyageur, Assault sled models. Also, Polaris Trail Luxury, Touring, Frontier and Classic

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